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The Mistake

I considered every angle. Reviewed the mailing list. Labored over each word. Worked with my staff to ensure there were no typos. Had the links double-checked. Thought long and hard about the timing and the design. Then ruminated over it, for what seemed like hours, worried that something might be missing or wrong. Finally, the moment Read more »

The Three S’s: Which Networker Are You?

What kind of networker are you? Take a look at the 3 S’s and see where you fall…

Stepping Off Life’s Treadmill: 4 Stops Along The Journey

Working 16 hours a day. Running from soccer match to soccer match. Rushing for appointments. Doing errands. Managing a workforce. Staying up until 4am playing catch-up. This is my life! As a CEO, career coach and staffing strategist, wife and mother of two, I’m an over-doer and an over-thinker! I am constantly super-amped and on Read more »