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The Three S’s: Which Networker Are You?

What kind of networker are you? Take a look at the 3 S’s and see where you fall…

Stepping Off Life’s Treadmill: 4 Stops Along The Journey

Working 16 hours a day. Running from soccer match to soccer match. Rushing for appointments. Doing errands. Managing a workforce. Staying up until 4am playing catch-up. This is my life! As a CEO, career coach and staffing strategist, wife and mother of two, I’m an over-doer and an over-thinker! I am constantly super-amped and on Read more »

Stop the BS! Live With Purpose.

Don’t miss another opportunity to start over and do something truly awesome! It’s time to get psyched-up to define your true purpose, discover your dream job and start writing your own story. Life’s too short not to.