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In the beginning, the goal was simple: To create a staffing firm that I would want to do business with, whether I was a recruiter or a job candidate.

So I sat down and searched my heart and soul to find out what that company would stand for. I came to realize that it would be anything but “business as usual” — my organization would take recruiting to the Xtreme. Nothing less would do.

After all, this is the way I had always lived my life. In fact, as recently as 2013, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my personal and professional style was what others might call “Xtreme” — certainly my doctors and fellow patients thought so! They were taken aback, as they watched me run 2 businesses, negotiate comp packages, phone screen candidates and write a book, all while hooked up to a chemotherapy drip. But the reality is that my attitude and personality have always been based on the drivers that motivated me through life’s ups and downs: Discipline. Guts. Passion. Commitment. Strength.

Today, these simple but universal principles ignite success here at Consultnetworx. Just ask one of our team members. The Xtreme Recruiting attitude is pervasive throughout our organization — it propels the day-to-day actions and decisions of people at every level. What’s more, we believe that these truths are the key to achievement for everyone we partner with. Our clients and our candidates.

Over the years, we have created a culture we’re proud of, while supporting an industry that’s ingrained in our DNA. We invite you to share these sparks of inspiration and take your search — be it for a job or for talent — to the Xtreme.

Everything is possible,

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Gail Tolstoi-Miller
CEO, Consultnetworx

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