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Frequently Asked Questions


How does SpeedHIRE differ from a typical job/career fair?

Most job fairs resemble a cattle call—overflowing with hordes of candidates who are completely inappropriate for your staffing needs. Typically, you end up wasting hours stuck in unproductive conversations with the wrong applicants and return to your office with few, if any, prospects.

What’s more, job fairs are generally dismal for candidates. Although job hunters experience plenty of anxiety,there’s not much dignity in attending these crowded, disorganized events.

SpeedHIRE is different and the ONLY customized, on-site, targeted event of its kind! Our events are fast-paced, ultra-efficient and rewarding for recruiters, hiring managers AND invited candidates. Imagine, staffing experts source and screen candidates who FIT your exacting requirements for your open jobs.  The only SpeedHIRE candidates you’ll meet are those who have been interviewed, screened and are qualified. You’ll interview invited candidates for each open position — all meetings are strictly timed and managed to help you make the most of every minute of the event.


What are the SpeedHIRE team’s qualifications?

Every staffing pro on our team has both corporate and agency recruiting experience. Each has specific industry expertise and will be matched to complement your industry.


What type of companies/industries can benefit from SpeedHIRE events?

Any employer, regardless of industry, may benefit from the recruiting solutions that SpeedHIRE provide. However, Multilevel Marketers and 3rd party Staffing Agencies may not participate.


How do I plan an event?

Because the events are customized and on-site, we will work with your schedule and needs in mind. If you have any questions, call a SpeedHIRE host at 973-309-5474.


How far in advance must a SpeedHIRE event be planned?

Employers must be on our schedule 4 weeks prior to the event date – this gives us ample time to screen, source and invite qualified candidates to meet you at your offices on the day of the event.


What is your search/screening process?

Every job has unique requirements and our team has complete expertise in the full scope of ever-changing skill sets that are required for various roles.Utilizing unique networking techniques we tap passive talent that other recruiters cannot offer you.Research is undertaken, existing sources are contacted from our proprietary database, leads are vigorously pursued and social media is engaged to optimize our search.

SCREENING: We screen interested and promising candidates on your behalf. Job specs are carefully gone over with prospects to generate interest. We probe into the applicant’s background and motivation deeply, and find synergy and genuine interest in making the right career move.


Is there a limit to the number of open jobs I can submit to your recruiting team?

Feel free to submit as many as you would like, however during our strategic staffing session we will ask you to prioritize the 10-12 most pressing needs so that we can give our fullest attention to those.


Is there a limit to the number of SpeedHIRE candidates I can hire?

No limit! You can hire numerous Full Time SpeedHIRE candidate with NO AGENCY FEE … your only expense is the event itself. Plus, you can SpeedHIRE for consultants, too! We’ll undertake all full life cycle recruiting, payroll, workers compensation, insurance and benefits responsibilities. As an added benefit, you can develop relationships with all of the invited guests you meet and add them to your pipeline for your down-the-road staffing needs.


What if I want to hire a candidate as a consultant?

Having a problem finding contract employees? SpeedHIRE is the perfect solution.  We will source, screen and invite temps who fit your requirements. If you decide to engage them, we (our sister company, Consultnetworx) will assume all payroll, insurance and benefits responsibilities.


How many representatives from my company can attend our SpeedHIRE event?

That depends on the size and shape of the space you have available for the event. We generally set up booths or tables which comfortably fit 2 company representatives. If you would like to include additional representatives, we are glad to accommodate your needs if space allows. Please contact us for complete details.


Our HR department is working on a massive recruiting project. I’m not sure we have the space to accommodate so many potential candidates?

Large recruiting projects are our specialty. We can plan an event off-site for you, if need be. As with our other events, all of your private event planning and management will be handled by our staff. So will the sourcing, screening and inviting of targeted candidates.


How do you ensure that your services will meet my needs?

Our staff sends follow up surveys to both invited candidates and employers who attend. The valuable feedback we collect helps us to ensure maximum satisfaction for everyone.


What are the metrics for past SpeedHIRE events?

In 2012, our 3 SpeedHIRE events were incredibly successful. As a direct result of these events, 37 FT employees were hired, as were 8 consultants. In addition to massive time-savings, these hires saved the employers tens of thousands of dollars in agency fees.


What type of talent does the SpeedHIRE team target?

Our staffing pros specialize in sourcing and screening corporate and corporate support positions. Our industry expertise includes, HR, Pharma, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Administrative, Sales and Finance.  Executive positions – Director and above — are addressed through our parent company, Consultnetworx. Contact Gail Miller at 973-309-5474 for more details.


Why would a candidate want to attend a SpeedHIRE event?

We get this question a lot. And the answer is two-fold. First, passive candidates are busy at their current job and appreciate a fast-paced, pre-arranged interview that fits into their schedule. Secondly, candidates who are actively looking for a job are searching for a more efficient way to search. With an invitation to a SpeedHIRE event, candidates are assured that you are looking for someone with their EXACT experience, skills and credentials.


What should I bring on the day of the SpeedHIRE event?

On the day of the event, be sure to bring plenty of business cards and related promotional material. Displays are not mandatory but highly suggested.  If you have any notes or questions regarding the specific candidates, make sure you have them on hand. Resumes will be emailed in advance of the event. You will also receive a folder containing resumes and related documents.


What time of day do you schedule your events?

We will work with you to arrange a time that is mutually convenient. We suggest arriving at the event space 1 hour before start time to allow for booth set-up and event preview.


How long will our SpeedHIRE events last?

Most of our events will run two-to-three hours, depending on the number of candidates in attendance. Specific details will be determined in advance of your event.


Will I have a chance to preview the resumes of the people I will interview at our SpeedHIRE event? Yes, they will be emailed to you in advance of the event.


Who creates the schedule for the interviews?

The schedules are strategically arranged by our “Tour Managers” who are experienced event planners and speed networking hosts. You will receive your personal schedule, along with other important documents, in a folder on the day of your SpeedHIRE event.


How is the flow of the event managed?

Upon arrival, you will be matched with your personal “Roadie”, who will be by your side to make your SpeedHIRE experience as seamless and productive as possible. Your Roadie will ensure that you interview the right people at the right time, and answer any questions you may have.


What if I want to continue the interview conversation after my set time-limit is up?

If you would like to schedule a follow up meeting or additional interviews with other members of your organization, you may reach out to the SpeedHIRE candidate and continue the process on your own for full-time hires. However, if you would prefer, our staffing pros will manage the back-end by handling follow-up interviews, offers, and any post-hire transitional issues. Contact us for rates on our back-end staffing services.  If you are hiring a consultant/temp from the event, we will manage the entire process.


What if I am unable to attend the event once it is planned? Can I get a refund?

Because of the upfront costs associated with the planning your custom event, we are unable to refund our fee for any reason.


What about bad weather? Will the SpeedHIRE event be rescheduled or cancelled if there is an emergency weather situation?

Unfortunately, acts of god and weather-related issues are beyond our control. We will do everything in our power to reschedule the event.  We are not able to guarantee a refund.

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  • “Gail and her team provided high quality service. They managed the whole (hiring) process by hand. Really provided that concierge service which made our lives a lot easier. We filled over 30 positions. The quality of candidates was great. We also had a high offer ration … which was almost 100%. I would highly recommend SpeedHire to anyone--it’s a very cost effective way to hire a high volume of people for your company. “ David Negron, Chief Human Resources Officer Ashley Furniture
  • "Thank you so much for inviting me to your event. I really thought it was well planned and executed. I made meaningful contacts at this event. I know that I definitely will get business from attending! Congrats on a job well done!" Lisa A. Wagner, VP, Director of Retail Banking First State Bank