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Blaze Your Own Trail: 5 Strategies to Risk Taking Success

  Are you a risk taker? If not, you probably believe that this personal characteristic has a negative connotation. Perhaps you think that risk takers are irresponsible, rash, accident-prone and dangerous. Well, I believe just the opposite – that there’s far more danger in NOT taking risks in life. Imagine how different our world would Read more »

6 Coaching Session Secrets: How Mothers Make Their Way Back to Work

Today, hundreds of thousands of women are looking for a purpose, needing an income or ready for reinvention

Communicating with Customers During Acquisition: Three Vital Benefits

The handling of acquisitions can strengthen partnerships or burn bridges. It all depends on how the change is communicated to customers.

Hiring Without Firing: 3 Strategies for Building a Winning Team

In business and in sports, coming in as new management is never easy. Having a very clear vision of the past as well as the future is key to building a winning team!

Recruiters: Scary Stories and 11 Secrets to Success

 You’ve probably stumbled upon hundreds of blogs and articles outlining the mistakes and faux pas  made by misguided job hunters. Inappropriate attire. Poorly written resumes. Botched interview questions. One false move, and a candidate’s best opportunity is lost. But what about recruiters and hiring managers? They make mistakes, too. And their missteps not only harm Read more »

Hiring Managers, YOU’RE Being Googled!

Savvy job candidates are investigating their potential future bosses online. Here’s how…

Boomerang Recruiting: 9 Things to Consider Before Rehiring a Former Employee

There was a time when ex-employees — those who left their job for greener pastures or were victims of downsizing — would NEVER be considered for rehire. Recruiters and hiring managers immediately disqualified “alumni,” assuming that: (1) they were traitors, (2) they harbored too much ill will, or (3) their return would upset the current Read more »

Give Thanks at Thanksgiving: A Recipe for Success

At Thanksgiving, saying THANK YOU in a memorable way can help YOU make a huge and lasting impression.

HR Buzzword Overload: 6 Crippling Side Effects

Ready to laugh? Here’s an excerpt from an hysterical parody about fictitious CEO, Bruce Richardson, who “fired” his VP of Human Resources for sending a company-wide email containing too many buzzwords:  “To: All Staff
Subject: Proposed changes to corporate policy The executive management team is in alignment at a high level that we need to deep Read more »

The good. The Bad and The inevitable: Flu Season

First, the bad news: flu season is here and may cost businesses $10.4 billion in direct costs*, according to CDC. It spreads quickly in the workplace and just ONE key employee infected with the flu could cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Now, the good news: Currently, local flu activity in the NY-metro area Read more »