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BULLY-proof the workplace: 7 Strategies to Safeguard Yourself (Part II)

Last month, I told you about Debbie, who was being seriously bullied at her job. The blog provided 7 culture-boosting steps a firm must take to protect their workforce. As promised, I am dedicating this blog post to employees. If you or your coworkers are struggling with a hostile work environment, here are … 7 Read more »

Sandy Shows Employees Their Firms’ True Colors

Waking up in a 46-degree bedroom. Eating cereal for dinner–by flashlight. Waiting 3 hours at the gas pump. Getting little or no cell service for days on end. These are just a few of the many inconveniences that most of the Consultnetworx staff and consultants have had to contend with this past week, as we Read more »