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BULLY-Proof The Workplace: 7 Culture-Boosting Steps Your Firm Must Take

Last week, I got a troubling call from a client. She wanted my help in brainstorming a solution for a personal problem – her sister “Debbie” was having severe, stress-related issues at work; she was being bullied. Debbie felt helpless and ashamed. She didn’t know what to do. Should she ignore the bullying? File a Read more »

Ace Your Interviews: Lessons Learned From the Debates

What if your job interview required that you engage in a head to head challenge with the other candidates. Imagine… every word you said, every move and mistake you made being caught on camera, broadcast to millions of people and analyzed by experts and commentators for days to come. In essence, that’s exactly what occurs Read more »

Suck It Up! Admit Your Mistakes and Grow with These 5 How-Tos

  Do you admit to your on-the-job mistakes? If you answered “NO,” you’re not alone. Now more than ever, there’s so much insecurity in the workplace that employees at every level are constantly pressured to improve their performance. But making a mistake is not a sign of incompetence. After all, we are human. On the Read more »

Quit Whining and Get a Coach: 6 Awesome Benefits

  “I keep looking, day after day, and just can’t find a good opportunity.” “ I hate going to work every day. My career is going nowhere.” “I feel stagnant. I’m tired of status-quo living.” “ I still can’t believe THAT happened to ME. Now what?” If these common rants sound way too familiar, you Read more »