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Archive for September, 2012

Have a Happy, No “BS” Day

Last Monday, my staff and I met to discuss the “Bull Shit” and how to get rid of it at work. We dug deep to uncover all that stuff that clouds our days and keeps us from being ultra productive and happy at work. I highly recommend this exercise to any manager or group leader. Read more »

Air Ball Resumes: 5 Harmful Effects of Shooting For The Wrong Jobs.

Last week, one of my recruiters had an all-out melt down. She was angry, frustrated and just plain pissed at all of the hours she spent going through “air ball” resumes. You know, those resumes that are totally, absolutely, embarrassingly off the mark. She bemoaned that more than 90% of the applicants were unqualified for Read more »

Words of Wisdom From a Former Goth Gal and Music Industry Insider

My career began like many others, in a low-paying, foot in the door, seemingly-beneath-me opportunity. But one gig led to another, and –with hard work, focus and very little sleep–I eventually landed my dream job, working for a global music and entertainment conglomerate. This experience provided a great foundation for my career. Today I am Read more »