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HR EXECS: Are You Slamming the Door on the Next Gates, Branson or Jobs?

With the astronomical jobless rate and the skyrocketing cost of 4-year college, many are questioning the value and validity of a Bachelor’s degree. As a proud NYU alumnus, I treasure my education and wholeheartedly believe in the relevance of the college experience. However, over the years my black and white viewpoint on this subject has Read more »

The Talent Paradox: Perfect on Paper vs. Proven Performer

  While some firms are busy reacting to the economic downturn, progressive organizations are thinking one step ahead – toward the recovery. They’re looking to the future, where they hope to emerge as more profitable and prestigious. Many are using these dark times to search out the brightest talent. They’re trolling competitive waters, scouting top Read more »

How a Green Thumb Can Build a Hearty Network

Here is an analogy I share with my networking groups: Building your network is like planting a garden. In order to get big, beautiful flowers or delicious produce from your garden, you must not only plant seeds (in the earth as well as in the minds of your prospective contact), you must also nurture your Read more »