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Coffee: 5 Reasons Your Company Should Be Pouring Some Resources into the Break Room

The other day I overheard a conversation between two guys who were talking shop. Guy #1: So how’s it going over at XYZ Wealth Management? Guy #2: Things are starting to look up! Guy #1: Really, how so? Guy #2: Well, 2 years after removing the coffee machine from our floor, management has finally decided Read more »

Be True To Yourself: In Today’s Business Environment, Could This Good Advice Be Bad For You?

I was raised to be like everyone else. I was taught, “fit in, conform, make no waves and you will do fine.” However, I had a mind of my own and did the opposite. Now, as an adult and a parent, I find myself teaching different lessons to my kids…. “We’re all different, and meant Read more »

9-5 FITNESS TIPS: Because Exercise Can Improve Coworker Relationships

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by the workload, responsibility and time demands associated with your job? The other morning, I came to the realization that I was becoming a bit overwhelmed and irritable and needed an outlet for all of the stress of my business. Later that day, while in the checkout line at Read more »


The flowers are blooming. The sun is shining. And the birds are tweeting. Know what that means? Summer Dress Code dilemmas are once again upon us. Whether you are an HR manager or corporate decision-maker, you know how vital a dress code policy is. But should you be concise? Simply stating your philosophy and letting Read more »