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The most vital weapon in your networking arsenal is your business card. Without it, your new contacts and connections have no way of continuing their initial conversation with you. But sometimes your current card may not be appropriate. For example, if you are planning a significant change of career direction, or if you would rather Read more »

When is it OK to Say, “Take This Job and Shove It?”

A JetBlue flight attendant did it. After an altercation with an abusive passenger, he ranted his resignation over the plane’s PA system. Once safely landed, the flight attendant grabbed a beer and made an unforgettable departure by deploying and then disembarking via the emergency slide. A Goldman Sachs executive did it. He quit over the Read more »

Was it the Winter of Your Discontent? (Fear Not, Hope Springs Eternal…

Time ticks by. The first few years at your job were exciting. Last summer and into the fall, things at the office were going fairly well. But as the days grew shorter and the chill set in, work became a drag. Projects stagnated. Objectives changed. Your frustration grew…and grew! Soon, you came to realize that: Read more »