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Shopping for Bargains or Searching for Jobs: Quick Tips to Survive Both!

As I sat on my sofa on Friday, watching the news coverage of the chaos at shopping malls across the country, it struck me that those throngs of holiday shoppers had much in common with many of the millions of today’s unemployed. Think about it: thousands upon thousands of stressed out, frustrated people –many with Read more »

BAD BEHAVIOR AT WORK: Do you turn a blind eye or blow a whistle?

From the US Presidency to Congress … From Penn State to the Catholic Church … From Enron to Haliburton… all of these powerful institutions and businesses have allegedly attempted to cover up shady practices, incompetence, gross misconduct and other shenanigans. Most disturbing, these unacceptable activities continued unabated while employees, members and/or leaders had knowledge of Read more »

Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Workforce: A Perspective in Parenting

I recently took a short break from an otherwise hectic business day to attend a “Lunch and Learn” seminar with a local working mother’s group. The discussion centered around Parenting For Busy Professionals. The conversation took on a life of its own and before long it morphed into a discussion about my favorite subject: The Read more »