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Archive for October, 2011

No Money? No Promotions? No Problem! 6 Tips to Keep Your Key People in Place During Difficult Times

As a hiring manager, you may not have the power or budget to provide new positions or financial incentives for your best talent — and that’s a serious dilemma. The inability to retain your key people is not only costly, it is disruptive and, at times, contagious! How do you retain your high performing employees Read more »

Do Your Job Candidates Possess the “X-Factor”? Don’t Dismiss That Feeling in your Gut!

A colleague friend and I grabbed a bite for lunch today. Our conversation, as usual, turned to the trials and tribulations of hiring in today’s job market. We shared war stories, funny anecdotes and pondered some of the more philosophical questions surrounding the search process. And we talked about one of our favorite TV shows, Read more »

Picking a Team: Career Insight from a Soccer Mom

This Fall, my soccer-loving son is playing on two different teams. One is a fairly competitive, local travel team , the other is a highly competitive, regional club team. Needless to say, soccer has taken center stage in our lives, creating a ridiculously busy and disruptive schedule of practices, games and travel. “Quitting” has never Read more »

Lighten-Up: 4 Smart Solutions for Having More Fun at Work

It seems like every employment-related blog or article I read these days features a troubling statistic: everything from under-appreciated workers to low workplace morale to increasing workloads has been measured and reported. When I sat down to write this blog, I was determined to lighten things up. Here goes… THE LIGHTEN-UP CAMPAIGN Simply stated, a Read more »