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Archive for June, 2011

In Transition or Unemployed? Let’s Call a Spade a Spade

 Maria Schriver is “in transition”. Chaz Bono is “in transition”. Even tadpoles are “in transition”. But the 13.9 million Americans currently unemployed — are they “in transition”, too? Lately, I’ve been seeing these words on far too many resumes and wondering: Could “in transition” be the most overused words in the business lexicon today? A Read more »

Attention Workforce: Appearance Matters

Have you ever notice that the roles of high powered executives and successful business leaders are almost always depicted by tall and strikingly attractive actors, both in the movies and on TV? Well, a slew of recent studies and surveys prove that a pleasant personal appearance does in fact directly correlate to success. Hollywood, it Read more »

Networking Karma

The most successful networkers look at each connection as an opportunity to do a good deed, to impart knowledge and to offer assistance or guidance. In fact, the most successful networkers are on a constant mission of “giving”.

Recruiters and Hiring Managers on the Front Line.

Smart recruiters understand the value of marketing. In fact, much of their time is spent “selling” their company by crafting compelling job posts and targeting the distribution of those posts, developing a unique employment brand to promote their workplace and company’s mission statement, and the like. But lately I’ve been wondering: Do recruiters (and their Read more »