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Archive for May, 2011

Too Slow to Hire

Today, the hiring process seems slower than ever. Strange indeed, given the massive unemployment figures, not to mention the huge number of employed folks who are currently searching for better opportunities.  In addition to 8.7% of the workforce that is unemployed, CareerBuilders  estimates that more than 80% of employed workers will search for another job opportunity Read more »

Outsource Sourcing

As the economy changes, corporate leaders must find smart ways to drive profitability and growth. Today, many firms are outsourcing manpower acquisition and other HR functions to third party providers who often execute remotely. More and more frequently, we hear of these cost-cutting measures — offshore “recruiting specialists” taking on the critical functions of sourcing Read more »

Unemployment Discrimination

NJ Governor Chris Christie recently signed legislation making it illegal for hiring companies in NJ to discriminate against the unemployed. Basically, the law makes it illegal for an employer to state — in print or online — that out of work candidates would not be considered for an open position. Employers who violate the law Read more »